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Construyendo Grandes Lugares Para eEl Futuro

We are a Christian-based company that is founded on the will of serving God and becoming servants to all that request our service with skilled integrity and great compassion for what we do. We are a team leading with a successful partnership and high-quality relationships with all our customers. A Little More Paint and Remodeling has more than 30 years of combined construction and renovation experience all throughout the Southeast.

We aspire to give attention to detail to every project we take on with great craftmanship and high-quality material. We believe making renovation and remodeling an exciting experience for our customers. This is “your home” we take pride in watching you experience marvelous, dynamic changes to something worth so much to you and your family. Our services to our customers will always be what comes first in our business, because everyone needs A Little More Painting and Remodeling.



A Little More Painting and Remodeling strives to significantly impact every job site and their community. We create community drives that serve our local neighborhood while providing opportunities for youth to gain a sense of responsibility and leadership. ALMPAR organizes local food drives, bible studies, couple mentoring, summer camps, and more throughout the community! To be successful in the skills and talents of our business, we choose to follow in the steps of God with faith for achievement.

"Usa tu trabajo para construir a tu gente, no a tu gente para construir tu trabajo".

-Jack Hyles-

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Somos una empresa fundada y operada por Christain que coloca nuestros valores y moral en general. Brindamos soluciones de construcción de remodelación eliminando lo externo y enfocándonos en la eficiencia general de los diseños más optimizados de nuestros clientes.




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